I have no idea what I'm supposed to write in this. Well, like my title says, I'm a boring, EXTREMELY lazy, and pretty pessimistic person. Not to say that I don't see the good side of things. I just generally think the worse in unfortunate situations. Some of my pet peeves include stereotypes, arrogance, and incorrect grammar and spelling. Most people on this site use terrible grammar and spelling, but not me (even though I've probably already made a thousand mistakes). I sound really terrible, don't I? Well, I love a lot of things in life, like food. Any food will do. I also love television shows, video games, and definitely the Internet. Also, I love The Nanny, which I find significant to point out. Is this too long? I'll stop here.



after my procedure at the hospital today my doctor tried to explain all of the medications he’s putting me on and i was kind of out of it on pain meds and he goes, “and i’m going to be putting you on some serious steroids, do you have any problems with that?” 

and apparently i looked at my mom and whispered, “i’ll never play major league baseball” and started crying


let’s play the “how much time can i waste before i start crying about how stressed i am because im procrastinating my life away” game

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Reasons I grab my boobs

  • running upstairs
  • running downstairs
  • running
  • stoked on life
  • scared
  • walking through my house in the dark
  • bored
  • boobs

do girls really do this?

yes. yes they do. 

it’s the best

I sleep with one hand holding a boob. It’s like my security blanket now that I’m a grown-up.

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my milkshakes bring all the boys are the yard and they’re like “your friend is hot”


After everything, I don’t think Snow imaged that she would ever see her again.